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privy / тайный, посвященный, конфиденциальный
имя прилагательное
secret, covert, clandestine, arcane, undercover, privy
devoted, initiate, initiated, sacred, privy, sanctified
confidential, private, privy, tete-a-tete
имя существительное
restroom, lavatory, toilet, washroom, closet, privy
toilet, bathroom, lavatory, restroom, toilette, privy
заинтересованное лицо
имя прилагательное
sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private).
he was no longer privy to her innermost thoughts
имя существительное
a toilet located in a small shed outside a house or other building; outhouse.
It was just as well that the neighbours were so friendly as some of the outside loos - or privies - had two and four holes in them, allowing several people to go to the loo at the same time.
a person having a part or interest in any action, matter, or thing.
As such the Defendants are privies in title of the covenantors and bound by the estoppel which bound them.
She said it was difficult to imagine the derelict state of many of Bradford's old buildings in the 1950s and 1960s, when rents were low, and the properties usually had no water and a shared outside privy .
We are not privy to his innermost thoughts here, but to what he chose to record.
As usual we were not privy to any information about the car's significance; we were just asked to find and mark it.
There is already a precedent for this because local residents (including my family) all have concessionary tickets to the privy gardens and have had them since they were replanted.
Hacking also becomes useful in tapping into intranet networks, making you privy to who is talking about what.
The privy had its little stand in the corner with a blue curtain and a small wash stand and porcelain sink with a mirror.
Particular care, however, needs to be taken where the plaintiff in the second action is not the same as the plaintiff in the first, but his privy .
Not many people had her com number, not the portable one anyway, they all called her via privy line at the office or at home.
The search group was not privy to the coin toss and placement of the target, and the placement group was not present for the actual search.
We also pointed out that the introduction of the outside privy in the late 19th century was a major step forward for sanitation, and that these modest buildings were therefore part of the social history of the area.