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privatize / приватизировать
transfer (a business, industry, or service) from public to private ownership and control.
a plan for privatizing education
The rate increase was a preparation for plans to privatize electrical service.
they were opposed to plans to privatize electricity and water
The postal officials reportedly supported Koso as an opponent of government plans to privatize postal services.
The National Party has a record of attempting to privatise some services in the health system.
While privatised industry has its merits, I feel Primeco should not take over the local post office.
Have you noticed how everyone smiles more since I privatised the dental service?
Yet the experiences of the former communist nations demonstrate that rapid and extensive privatizations are not necessary for substantial economic progress.
They will be expected to privatise services such as water and will have to open their markets to foreign goods.
Another primary concern of the ANC government is the privatization of state assets.
Fortunately, as our strike last month showed, we have the power to take on the privatisers and win.