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privately / частным образом, про себя
частным образом
privately, in private
про себя
inwardly, privately, sotto voce
in a private way, manner, or capacity.
I must insist we speak privately
This change in events requires that I speak with you and your companion privately .
He was educated privately in the classics and went on to study medicine and forestry.
Kate stood at the door and waited for him to pause the game and come speak with her privately .
his research is privately financed
You once said privately there were few people in your department you could trust.
privately, Republican strategists worried about the latest polls
Many privately muse that if the government insists on outlawing hunting, then outlaws they are prepared to be.
Whether you decide to trade in your car or sell it privately is a personal choice.
their children were privately educated
She now sends her privately educated son for extra language tuition.