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privacy / уединение, секретность, частная жизнь
имя существительное
privacy, solitude, seclusion, retreat, isolation, solitariness
secrecy, privacy, privity
частная жизнь
privacy, private life
имя существительное
the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
she returned to the privacy of her own home
The authors wish to codify and clarify where privacy and free speech rights begin and end.
This house seems ideal for a family looking for privacy or a bit of peace and quiet.
Public figures are often the first to seek privacy protection under new regulations of speech.
a law to restrict newspapers' freedom to invade people's privacy
The house is set off the road and offers plenty of seclusion and privacy for its occupants.
Would this be in public, or could we just practise in the privacy of our living room?
she returned to the privacy of her own home
Of late he lived a reserved life and enjoyed the privacy of his own home.
The wall appeared completely black from the outside, allowing for a cheery atmosphere while ensuring complete privacy .
Of course, he is entitled to hide behind the cloak of privacy and not tell the public.