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prisoner / заключенный, узник, пленный
имя существительное
prisoner, inmate, convict, jailed, convicted, jailbird
captive, prisoner
имя существительное
a person legally held in prison as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial.
A third of all inmates are remand prisoners who are awaiting trial or sentencing.
A habeas corpus writ requires the release of a prisoner held without trial or lawful charge.
He was taken prisoner by the Khmer Rouge while working in Cambodia when on the payroll of HALO.
The order is taken to be a warrant committing the prisoner into custody for the Corrective Services Act.
The International Red Cross reported that a Macedonian soldier held prisoner was being treated properly.
Later in the war he was taken prisoner by the Germans while working on a reconnaissance mission in the Greek islands.
Her fear is that of a prisoner , awaiting execution, in the merciless sunlight of an American dream.
Taken prisoner in the second battle of St Albans, he was freed after Edward IV's victory at Towton.
From time to time there would be executions of guerillas taken prisoner by government forces.
The conflict was concluded by the treaty of Westphalia in 1648, by which time Charles was a prisoner awaiting trial.
the heroine was being held prisoner in a cave