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prise / приз, премия, выигрыш
имя существительное
prize, trophy, purse, pot, stake, capture
premium, prize, award, bonus, bounty, purse
win, winning, gain, prize, draw, gainings
имя прилагательное
достойный награды
meritorious, prize
взламывать посредством рычага
prize, pry, prise, prise up
поднимать посредством рычага
prize, pry, prise, prise up
высоко ценить
treasure, prize, think much of
имя существительное
a thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement.
the nation's most prestigious prize for contemporary art
value extremely highly.
the berries were prized for their healing properties
имя прилагательное
(especially of something entered in a competition) having been or likely to be awarded a prize.
prize onions
I tried to prise Joe's fingers away from the stick
Lift the clumps carefully and prise the bulbs apart causing as little damage to the roots as possible.
I got the loan, though I had to prise it out of him
Rescue workers managed to prise it open but no one was found inside.
Culture can prise open minds and penetrate perceptions in a way that politics has long since failed to do.
To clean the scallops, prise the shells open with a knife, scraping and loosening from the flat shell.
I tried to prise it apart with a ruler, then I tried using a pair of scissors to try and lever the infernal plastic spindle apart.
Some tinamous are hunted for their meat, which is prized for its tenderness and flavor.
Broken edges can be made neat by cutting a square of turf behind the damage, prising it free, moving it forward and trimming off the broken part.
Actual Nobel Prize winners award prizes to the winning researchers.