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priority / приоритет, очередность, порядок очередности
имя существительное
priority, primary right, precedency
priority, order of priority, order of priorities, spell
порядок очередности
имя существительное
a thing that is regarded as more important than another.
housework didn't figure high on her list of priorities
The priority given to low costs contributes to a consensus that service improvements are unlikely.
Controversial plans to move queuing traffic and to give buses priority on a York road are being reconsidered.
Cycle lanes and pedestrian access points will be given greater priority .
The new traffic lights are intended to give priority to buses coming from Wroughton park and ride.
Mkhonta says cutting the number of pedestrian accidents must be given higher priority .
She said her priority areas in Bradford were communications and marketing.
European Community law is potentially more powerful, since it takes priority over domestic law.
The following two sections deal with bus lanes and traffic signal priority respectively.
As a newspaperman, there are some stories you hold onto and some you assign priority status.
Financing the country's energy is an absolute necessity and takes priority over all things.