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prioritize / расставлять приоритеты
уделять первостепенное внимание
расставить приоритеты
prioritise, set priorities, define priorities
  • prioritized list - приоритетный список
designate or treat (something) as more important than other things.
prioritize your credit card debt
So we're trying the best that we can to prioritize according to need and accessibility, but certainly it will be weeks and months to come of relief efforts.
The government must prioritize its competing national goals.
Be sure to task prioritize for each phase of flight, which means perform the correct action at the correct time.
the department has failed to prioritize safety within the oil industry
age affects the way people prioritize their goals
The assigned weights essentially prioritize the various criteria to be evaluated, in a numerical manner.
Such analyses were considered important to prioritize community needs and help community-based interventions.
Times like these, if they do nothing else, help us put things in perspective and prompt us to prioritize those things that are most important to us.
They also prioritize their goals: Safety first, smooth and predictable maneuvers and precise flying.
This more sober assessment is in some ways a good discipline, for it forces us to prioritize our efforts and insist on real, measurable success.