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printer / принтер, печатник, типограф
имя существительное
printer, typographer, pressman, typo
имя существительное
a person whose job or business is commercial printing.
Their success brought so much business to the printers that they were unable to cope with the demand.
The business premises in Grassington will not continue as a printer 's.
You may find it helpful to talk to the shop where you bought your camera for advice on a compatible printer .
The package included a high spec computer with modem, printer , scanner and software.
Go buy a few shirts, take them to a printer , get them printed and sell em to your friends at cost.
We had the artist do the artwork way last summer and it was actually at the printer .
Compaq presaged its entry into digital imaging by introducing a multi-function printer and a scanner last summer.
It was in Devon that co-founder John Bird trained as a printer and began to flourish as an astute businessman.
So no matter what kind of memory card you use, you can bypass the camera's cables and use your printer as your link to the computer.
Born in Derbyshire, Richardson settled in London and became a master printer .
Mr Marshall told the court he was a commercial printer for 30 years before he retired.