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print / печатать, напечатать, отпечатать
print, type, run, imprint, machine, list
type, print, publish
print, imprint, type
имя существительное
printing, print, seal, stamp, press, cachet
imprint, print, mark, stamp, impression, footprint
font, type, print, letter, fount, printing type
имя прилагательное
print, printed cotton
имя существительное
the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication, especially with reference to its size, form, or style.
squinting at the tiny print
an indentation or mark left on a surface or soft substance by pressure, especially that of a foot or hand.
there were paw prints everywhere
a picture or design printed from a block or plate or copied from a painting by photography.
the walls were hung with wildlife prints
a piece of fabric or clothing with a decorative colored pattern or design printed on it.
light summer prints
produce (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), especially in large quantities, by a mechanical process involving the transfer of text, images, or designs to paper.
a thousand copies of the book were printed
write (text) clearly without joining the letters.
print your name and address on the back of the check
mark (a surface, typically a textile or a garment) with a colored design or pattern.
a delicate fabric printed with roses
If you are dedicated to making sure women's views and perspectives get into print and keeping media in the hands of women, this is the place for you.
For print media in particular, given its obvious synergy with anybody who likes to read, it would be a mistake to ignore a demographic this large.
Some newspapers regularly print rumours or information without sources.
These documents will probably not be very entertaining to read and few newspapers would print them in full.
Also do you have any thoughts on a reasonably good color printer to print such images?
Abandoning print for pixels provides me with a cornucopia of news and information just a few mouse clicks away.
I mean isn't that exactly what the print media and the media more generally should be doing in order to stir up the imagination and to provoke debate within the community?
We cannot guarantee to print all letters received, particularly in cases of repetition.
Grandma was wearing a beret and a floral print dress and Grandad a black sports blazer with white stripes.
People always ask me: how come newspapers print so much bad news?