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princess / принцесса, княгиня, княжна
имя существительное
имя существительное
the daughter of a monarch.
Her name is R'jas un Z'kovn Sy'yski and she is the Muse princess , daughter of Prince Noyus and next in line for the throne.
One of these ladies was Pharaoh's daughter, a princess !
When a Swazi princess weds a Zulu king, she wears red touraco wing feathers around her forehead and a cape of windowbird feathers and oxtails.
Beside him is his wife, the Georgian princess Nino Chavchavadze.
If she had a mind to forgive him, it vanished as she spied him in the company of the Trojan princess Cassandra, daughter of Priam.
is something the matter, princess?
The Japanese princess was an aunt of Emperor Akihito and the widow of Prince Takamatsu, a younger brother of the late Emperor Hirohito.
I was thinking about my own ranking; rising from a noble lady to the princess of the kingdom.
James converted to Catholicism and married a Catholic princess , Mary of Modena, after his first wife's death.
The first and most likely possibility is that Pharaoh's daughter remained a princess .
She really didn't know much about real life, she was like a spoiled princess .