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prince / князь, принц, государь
имя существительное
имя существительное
the son of a monarch.
I was anticipating a marvelous story with a princess waiting for her prince in her royal castle.
The council waited for their lord to continue, which was not until the prince had left the chamber and the door was closed and locked.
What will the 63-year-old prince of folk, whose anthems were adopted by the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, tell us next?
But his celebrity as the ‘punk prince of ballet’ always masked a considerable talent for making dances.
Succession to the throne passes to the direct and legitimate descendants of the prince , with male descendants taking precedence over female.
That sage of The Sun and prince of the pun Kelvin Mackenzie has never been short of a tale or two.
Nemo is a little fish kid whose overprotective dad, Marlin, is perfectly voiced by Albert Brooks, that prince of good-natured anxiety.
Whether you welcome this prince of silly or shun him as a hopeless jester, on stage his outlandish world cannot fail to charm.
At a time when scanning and imaging were unknown factors, this prince of medicine made use of his own techniques to treat and cure people free of cost.
This enables a prince to keep close watch on his state and to quickly resolve any troubles as they arise.
Four of the park's 10 staff mermaids perform at each show in the spring's chilly waters, along with a male swimmer who plays the prince in the story.