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primula / примула, первоцвет
имя существительное
primrose, primula
primrose, cowslip, primula, bird's-eye
имя существительное
a plant of a genus that includes primroses, cowslips, and cyclamens. Many kinds are cultivated as ornamentals, bearing flowers in a wide variety of colors in the spring.
Their favourite was the rose, followed by hellebores, peonies, clematis, magnolias, lilies, euphorbias, primulas , snowdrops, geraniums.
Divide primula and polyanthus after flowering, and move any that are badly placed
One of the most valuable of these spring flowering perennials is the primula .
Around this time of year, there is a good show of daffodils, tulips, primroses, primula , helibores orientalis and other spring flowers.
The white winter flowering heather and pink cyclamen had faded but were soon replaced by violas, primulas and grape hyacinth.
Spring flowering plants that grow well in baskets located in a sunny spot include alyssum, lobelia, pansies, primulas and bedding begonias.
Underneath are Himalayan poppies Meconopsis, primulas and trilliums, many of them also collected from the wild.
A plaque was also donated and primulas were planted at the garden which will bloom each year.
Polyanthus primulas and pansies make for a reliable show.
Hardy spring bedding such as forget-me-nots, primulas , wallflowers, sweet williams and violas can be planted to fill gaps left by the removal of summer bedding.
In the 18th century, the unassuming, humble terracotta flower pot was used to grow, amongst other things, auricula primulas .