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primrose / первоцвет, примула, бледно-желтый цвет
имя существительное
primrose, cowslip, primula, bird's-eye
primrose, primula
бледно-желтый цвет
daffodil, jonquil, mastic, primrose, straw-color, straw-colour
имя прилагательное
daffodil, jonquil, primrose, straw-coloured, straw-colored, corn-coloured
имя существительное
a commonly cultivated plant of European woodlands that produces pale yellow flowers in the early spring.
Around this time of year, there is a good show of daffodils, tulips, primroses , primula, helibores orientalis and other spring flowers.
The walls were painted with a water-based powder distemper, usually in grass green or primrose colour.
Thousands of primrose and blue jerseys were sold this summer throughout the county.
He knew they didn't bite and that they would turn into the butterflies which fluttered, pale blue, primrose , blood red and black, through his secret grassland kingdom.
While the fish are vivid and flamboyant, the corals are soft pastel shades: ivory and primrose , lavender and peach.
Colours of perfect lilac, primrose , pink and scarlet blended in a composition of sweet perfection and invited a soul of spirit and appreciation to compose an aria to its enchanting magnetism.
Sunset had mantled the horizon with primrose , so that the evening sky blended with the garden, but there was still enough light to show him he wasn't the only one to flee the massed family.
All rooms share the simple, contemporary look: dark-wood furniture and bare-board floors, primrose sheets and duvets, with black-and-white prints of the relevant winery.
Made of panels of glass held by Dorma shower hinges, the screen conceals yellow fluorescents so that it emits a brilliant glow and casts primrose light over the adjacent ceiling.
Glynn popped up to knock one over with three minutes remaining, despite heroic defending by the men in primrose and blue.
old-fashioned tones of primrose and lavender