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primp / наряжаться, прихорашиваться
dress up, dress, prank, spruce up, titivate, primp
preen, smarten up, smarten, primp, smarten oneself up, titivate
spend time making minor adjustments to (one's hair, makeup, or clothes).
they primped his hair
She looked at her fingernails with great interest and, seeming satisfied, moved on to primp her hair.
You primp , you preen, you eat just right enough to get that bathing suit to hang just so.
The contestants primp and preen, surrounded by clucking coteries of friends and parents.
Time we'd got home and I'd put our lunch together, the afternoon was well under way and so we decided I should absent myself again while Graham dashed round to primp and preen the place and see the visitors through.
And they are right to some extent - I'm not an exercise buff, I don't starve myself, and I don't spend hours primping in front of the mirror.
Varsha was a respectable opponent, but she spent most of her time out of the arena primping and shopping, caring for nothing more than her appearance in public.
Walking over to the door, I primped my hair a bit and smiled.
I had spent the afternoon before primping - washing my hair, deliberating over clothes, and carefully applying makeup, all with Trisha's help.
Unlike some people I know, I don't need to spend hours primping and admiring myself in the mirror.
And now here he is, primping his hair, smoothing down the front of his striped shirt just to get the relationship back on track.