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primogeniture / первородство
имя существительное
имя существительное
the state of being the firstborn child.
Maui and Tahaki are famous mythological heroes in Polynesia and they have more powerful manas than their elder brothers, though they are not the primogenitures .
In the odd way of primogeniture it was said that were Nina-Cecilia a male she would have been the Duke of Portland.
She finds that mothers used testamentary legacies to balance the inequality among children required by primogeniture : they may even privilege the cadets over the first-born son.
The people of Spiti have a system of polyandry and primogeniture to combat the short supply of resources that are available in the raw mountains.
But to avoid fiefs being subdivided and becoming non-viable, the rule of primogeniture prevailed, whereby the eldest son inherited the entire estate.
The rule of male primogeniture , by which the eldest son of a monarch becomes king even if he has an elder sister, will end if a bill published today is passed.
Anglo-Saxon liberalism derives from the relative independence of children from parents and from the inequality among brothers reflected in primogeniture .
She said that African customary law of inheritance traditionally followed the rule of primogeniture - or oldest ancestor - where the oldest male relative inherited the estate.
The great families of England were built on this principle of primogeniture of sons and their properties were not dissipated as the properties of European nobility were.
The system of inheritance that is generally prevalent in Europe is the rule of primogeniture - that is to say, all the property of the deceased goes to the eldest son and all the other children are totally deprived of it.
It is only Puru, the youngest, who agrees and inherits Yayati's throne, with the people being summoned and explained at length why primogeniture has not been followed.