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primitivism / примитивизм
имя существительное
имя существительное
a belief in the value of what is simple and unsophisticated, expressed as a philosophy of life or through art or literature.
The inclusion of early paintings and drawings, produced shortly after her graduation from Yale in 1959, provides a sense of her beginnings as a young artist in awe of Abstract Expressionism and the primitivism of Jean Dubuffet.
unsophisticated behavior that is unaffected by objective reasoning.
Plagued by tribal warfare, autocratic and murderous government, and an inefficient and corruption - ridden economy, it is trapped on the bloody borderland between primitivism and civilization.
Such now familiar terms as Orientalism and primitivism , while they mark the beginning of a consensus, are by no means completely defined or delimited.
This, according to environmental primitivism , is the perfect, aboriginal state of nature.
For example, Australia's Peter Griffen uses complex layering, decorative patterning, primitivism , and vibrant color to evoke Australia's Western Desert and Aboriginal culture.
He uses primitivism in his writings as a political weapon against the dominant white hierarchy, only to reject it simultaneously as an answer to the knotty problem of identity.
Contrary to the fantasies of romantic primitivism , civilisation and development have made our species more knowledgeable and sensitive about the workings of nature.
Peter Gabriel's world sound (from his album Passion) intensifies the atmosphere of generic primitivism , although bowls and other props identify the setting as Africa.
Rejecting interpretations that attribute Pentecostalism's success to its otherworldiness, Wacker argues that the genius of the early movement was its mixture of primitivism and pragmatism.
Twentieth-century Afrocentrics like Alain Locke, Langston Hughes, and their colleagues in the Harlem Renaissance embraced primitivism in a way their nineteenth-century predecessors simply could not.
a gradual emergence from primitivism to modern civilization
The literary primitivism of the 1920s, of which McKay was a part, largely expired with the decade, and his novels were little read in succeeding years.