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primeval / первобытный
имя прилагательное
primitive, primeval, primordial, primal, savage, barbaric
имя прилагательное
of or resembling the earliest ages in the history of the world.
mile after mile of primeval forest
Decent folk who'd left behind the corrupt world - always somewhere to the east - came to a land of primeval beauty and promise and set about turning a little chunk of it into a nice, prosperous garden.
The downs are a great mass of chalk resulting from some primeval upheaval which give the northern half of the county its distinctive rounded look, with great hump-backed hills like Martinsell near Oare, Milk Hill and Tan Hill.
Remember, the naïve innocent starts out automatically and without reservations accepting what people in authority say without the cynic's primeval urge to question, question and question.
‘Getting square’ is the primeval act of revenge - on an informer or somebody who has transgressed the protocols and proprieties of criminal boundaries.
The characteristic apricot scent of these prized wild mushrooms triggers primeval hunter gatherer instincts, making a country walk attractive to even the most hardened townie.
Tramping through the primeval swamp, you re not thinking of ancient seas or planetary evolution.
In the depth of the forest the primeval stillness was a bit awesome until a family of wild piglets moved in and started to root reassuringly through the chestnuts at my feet.
A Taoist Holyland for 1,600 years, Sanqing Nountain is known for its many grotesque rocks, waterfalls and lush primeval forest set in a sea of clouds and mist.
This was told in several impressive episodes, from primeval Britons through Romans, Saxons and Stuarts.
Arresting in their circularity, these poems achieve a primeval force that is like some great lost original rhythm.