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prime / простое число, расцвет, начало
имя существительное
простое число
prime number, prime
blossoming, prime, blossom, bloom, heyday, flowering
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, prime
имя прилагательное
main, basic, base, primary, key, prime
main, major, chief, principal, primary, prime
primary, prime, virgin, ultimate, elementary, archetypal
prime, ground, blot, pad, clearcole
prime, control, boss the show
вставлять запал
cap, prime
имя прилагательное
of first importance; main.
her prime concern is the well-being of the patient
of the best possible quality; excellent.
a prime site in the center of Indianapolis
(of a number) evenly divisible only by itself and one (e.g., 2, 3, 5, 7, 11).
Both 13 and 17 are prime numbers, divisible only by themselves and 1.
имя существительное
a state or time of greatest strength, vigor, or success in a person's life.
you're in the prime of life
a service forming part of the Divine Office, traditionally said (or chanted) at the first hour of the day (i.e., 6 a.m.), but now little used.
a prime number.
These are the Fibonacci numbers that are primes .
a symbol (ʹ) written after a letter or symbol as a distinguishing mark or after a figure as a symbol for minutes or feet.
In fact, the elimination of semantic priming by letter search of the prime is ambiguous with regard to lexical activation.
the first of eight standard parrying positions.
The parry of prime which was effectual enough when a heavy cut was to be stopped was too slow and cumbrous to keep pace with the nimbler thrust.
make (something) ready for use or action, in particular.
prepare (someone) for a situation or task, typically by supplying them with relevant information.
the sentries had been primed to admit him without challenge
Alcohol, the leading cause of liver disease, the only cause of drunk driving and a leading cause of a whole laundry list of social problems, seems a prime candidate for criminalization.
Jonathan Richman, among others, spent his prime writing this kind of slyly humorous yet evocative music.
Croft and Wilmore stood side by side and watched Protheroe and FitzWilliam check the flints then load and prime both pistols.
When the time came to pay we were expected to cough up the same amount as if we had had consumed a far more expensive cut of prime meat.
The former nursing home occupies a prime site in what is one of Sheffield's wealthiest neighbourhoods and there is likely to be high demand and high prices for any new housing in the area.
‘It's hard when somebody dies in the prime of their life, in such a sudden and unexpected way,’ said Mrs Magson.
He was well past his prime , but quite venerable.
The goat's horn thus stands as a representation of the elemental energies of the earth, the prime matter from which the alchemical process begins its quest for the transformation of gold.
A public meeting is to be held to discuss fears over plans to build fast food outlets, a cinema and bowling alley on a prime seafront site in Cleveleys.
In English, the beginning letters of the target and prime are always on the left side of the character string.