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primacy / первенство, сан архиепископа
имя существительное
championship, primacy, precedence, pas, anteriority
сан архиепископа
имя существительное
the fact of being primary, preeminent, or more important.
the primacy of air power in the modern war
the office, period of office, or authority of a primate of certain churches.
But do we really need another in-house hassle over papal primacy versus episcopal collegiality?
the fact of an item having been presented earlier to the subject (especially as increasing its likelihood of being remembered).
the primacy effect is thought to reflect recall from a long-term memory store
Thus the principles of the Convention give primacy to the fundamental rights of children while appreciating the importance of strong families to the healthy development of the child.
Forster reflected the position on papal primacy taken by the Anglican - Roman Catholic International Commission for ecumenical dialogue.
London's primacy as a financial centre
Safety normally has no place as a cornerstone liberal principle or progressive impulse, since it implies a conservative approach to politics - order takes primacy over change.
We attributed this recall pattern to the combined influence of primacy effects and the higher recall of the categorized words in comparison with the unrelated words.
the first years of his primacy were tranquil
His core belief is in the primacy of the individual in society.
When it comes to service, it is the poor and the needy who take primacy in her priorities.
the primacy effect is thought to reflect recall from a long-term memory store
That's about as strong a statement of the primacy of the individual over the state as you could imagine.