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prim / чопорный, подтянутый, аккуратный
имя прилагательное
prim, stiff, smug, starchy, stand-offish, offish
taut, prim, gent
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, prim
принимать строгий вид
напускать на себя важный вид
prim, assume airs
имя прилагательное
stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper.
a very prim and proper lady
purse (the mouth or lips) into a prim expression.
Larry primmed up his mouth
The neighbors were prim and proper, from their impeccable manners down to their neatly manicured lawns.
The second was an elderly lady, prim and proper in her Victorian dress.
She had the look of a prim and proper lady of the Victorian times, with her well tended hair, all neatly tied in a bun, and simple, ankle length dress.
She was even prim and proper during the bloopers at the end of her show.
While women have announced their need to be prim , proper and pampered, spas preach that it's not how you look once you leave, rather how you feel during the treatment and once you walk out.
She was prim and proper, neat and tidy, and very strict.
There was no prim and proper lady to be seen near the Great Hall, for they had no great mind to walk outside whilst it was raining.
Thus is the tone set early on, and it's decidedly at odds with our notions today of the prim and proper Victorians.
It was true Lily was extraordinarily prim and proper when she started going to Alex's school.
To meet, she's pleasant, if a little prim , with body language that suggests her guard is up.