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priggish / педантичный, самодовольный
имя прилагательное
pedantic, punctilious, precise, priggish, donnish, literal
complacent, smug, conceited, chuffed, proud, priggish
имя существительное
self-righteously moralistic and superior.
a priggish little pedant
The movie is splendidly arrayed visually, but transforms her prim, priggish character and makes her lusty, strong-willed and far too politically progressive for her era.
Tom, a lively and adventurous lad, lives with his priggish brother Sid and his good-hearted Aunt Polly in the quiet town of St Petersburg, Missouri.
Actress Frances O'Connor brings a refreshing candour to the most insufferably priggish of all Austen's heroines, Fanny Price, and Alessandro Nivola is irresistibly rakish as her potential beau.
You really do believe in the stiff-necked priggish Edward, to the point where you want to punch him.
Tut-tutting this sort of thing seems to me to be priggish .
The first thing she says about him is that he is ‘extremely down to earth’, which certainly contrasts with Fiennes, whose public persona exists somewhere between enigmatic and priggish .
He was, in fact, a serious, somewhat priggish young man, though he often gave signs of light-heartedness both as a boy and in later life.
Equally irresistible, as it turns out, is the priggish Darcy, whose beauty and charm sneak up on you, just as they do on Bridget, mid-way through the film.
Leslie Joseph portrays the small-minded, priggish , self-satisfied spinster to a T.
He had been very careful not to buy anything too priggish , and flattered himself to say he had done a good job with it.