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prig / педант, формалист, вор
имя существительное
pedant, disciplinarian, prig, pedagogue, precisian, formalist
formalist, prig, precisian, square-toes
thief, burglar, prowler, drummer, gunsmith, prig
steal, pilfer, thieve, mooch, plunder, prig
имя существительное
a self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others.
Maybe you should have thought about that before you started behaving like a pompous prig .
she was religious but not a prig
His colleagues take him for a moralistic prig , but we sense powerful appetites, and honesty that is less an emanation of virtue than a stay against chaos.
‘Yeah, you're right Sir,’ the sergeant answered with masked contempt for this young prig that was his superior officer.
The book, thus far, has only served to further my insistence that the character of Harry Potter is, as they say, a prig .
Bill and Alice's identity crisis hits bottom too fast because they are never developed beyond an exotic porcelain doll and an oblivious bourgeois mate, what Victorians might have called a hysteric and a hypocritical prig .
He was excellent, as the pompous prig , but one could not really believe in the volte-face at the end, when humanity and love creeps up on him in the shape of an Indian princess.
When he prides himself on his correct behavior, he becomes a prig .
Alfred Kinsey was raised by a prig of a father, unkind to his son, his wife and anyone else who got in the way of his bitter view of the world.
And Bruce's childhood friend, Rachel, is a sanctimonious prig who likes to lecture Bruce about how he should live his life.
She will become unself-critical and demanding of others; what might, with some justification, be called a self-righteous prig .