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priestly / священнический, приличествующий духовному лицу
имя прилагательное
priestly, sacerdotal
приличествующий духовному лицу
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or befitting a priest or priests.
performing priestly duties
The parish is grateful to him for his presence amongst us, his spiritual anecdotes and his untiring priestly zeal for our spiritual welfare.
My father used his black graduation robe from rabbinical seminary as his priestly garb.
Bede's portrait of the pagan priest Coifi was influenced by Christian ideas about proper priestly conduct.
He seemed to have expertise in science and finance as well as his priestly duties.
One cannot truly proclaim a prophetic word until a priestly word has first been spoken!
Zechariah performs his priestly service at the geographical center of Jewish piety, the temple.
Many of these men are able and willing to resume priestly duties and functions.
They recommend strongly against the return of a few to any kind of priestly work.
It was he said perhaps a thank you for help given in time of tragedies and difficulties which was only part of his priestly duties.
There are calls to do away with clerical celibacy and admit women to priestly functions.