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priesthood / священство, духовенство
имя существительное
clergy, priesthood, ministry
имя существительное
the office or position of a priest.
He is the first prison inmate to become a candidate for ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church.
These were followed by many more vocations to the religious life and to the priesthood .
The decision to ordain me to the priesthood was made because they needed a priest for West Point.
When the call to religious life and priesthood made itself known to me, I moved directly to a Roman Catholic seminary.
I myself was a field doctor in the war before entering the priesthood .
A diocesan spokesman, however, said neither man was on the track for the priesthood .
Fr Frank was ordained to the priesthood on June 20 1954.
Catholics typically have a very high esteem for priests and the priesthood .
This year eight men will be ordained in Ireland to the priesthood of the Catholic Church.
Both of them were priests, although Paudie later left the priesthood , and took up a position as a teacher in Sligo.
About half those in training for the priesthood are now women.