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pride / гордость, гордыня, прайд
имя существительное
be proud, pride, boast, glory, glory in, pride oneself
имя существительное
a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.
the team was bursting with pride after recording a sensational victory
a group of lions forming a social unit.
First in were wildebeest, zebras and giraffes, and then, after ten years, predators were introduced - two prides of lions, cheetahs and a pack of wild dogs.
be especially proud of a particular quality or skill.
she'd always prided herself on her ability to deal with a crisis
There are others, plenty of them, but with direct ties to every team left in the race for the Super Bowl, you can see why Lenti has to be close to bursting with pride .
She carried herself with pride and dignity, no matter what, and always wore clothes of the day that were very conservative.
The pride of Seville is the graceful 13th century Tower of Gold that guards the east bank.
in the pride of youth
The other man took the piece of paper and moved off, while the trader glowed with pride at having closed yet another excellent deal.
It is important to take pride in ourselves, our appearance, our conduct and our work.
Not only is there tremendous pride in Amir's achievements but dozens of youngsters want to be just like him.
When he finally did reach the doorway he stood in it, glancing back at the room of his child, overcome with emotions of pride , fear, hope, happiness and also, loneliness.
The pride of Attica Academy was the soccer team, and our social events revolved around them during the season.
The positive tribal virtues were absolute loyalty and obedience to tribe and king, and pride in their achievements.