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prickly / колючий, с шипами, колкий
имя прилагательное
barbed, prickly, spiny, scratchy, thorny, spiky
с шипами
spiked, prickly
caustic, poignant, prickly, barbed, sharp, pointed
имя прилагательное
covered in prickles.
masses of prickly brambles
(of a person) ready to take offense.
I have learnt how to establish a healthy working rapport with difficult, prickly people with whom I have precious little in common.
Someone told me that if I ate the wrong bits (the core, or those round prickly things at the outside of the flesh) it would cut my mouth.
You never have to worry that Mowat will press his interviewees on prickly issues.
It's this so-called bronchial constriction that creates the tight, prickly sensation in your chest, and aerobic exercise only compounds the problem.
Like prickly pear thorns, needle grass penetrated moccasins and leather leggings and punctured the skin.
What saves the film from being boring is the spark in Anna Friel's performance as the complex and courageous displaced bride and the prickly relationship between herself and her disapproving new family.
His face was prickly from the short, protruding facial hairs on his face.
I felt the hot, prickly sensation I got when I was nervous.
One might assume Kiley's tough negotiating skills and high standards would make for some prickly dealings with her newspaper colleagues.
To my horror I realized my eyes were all prickly and my palms sticky.
The true protectors of clownfish in the ocean, however, are not parents but rather prickly , stinging sea anemones that live on reefs.