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prick / укол, хуй, хер
имя существительное
prick, injection, shot, puncture, sting, jab
dick, cock, prick, penis, pecker
dick, prick, cock, pecker, penis
prick, prickle, thrust, crack, stick, jab
prick, pique
имя существительное
an act of piercing something with a fine, sharp point.
the pin prick had produced a drop of blood
a penis.
make a small hole in (something) with a sharp point; pierce slightly.
prick the potatoes with a fork
(especially of a horse or dog) make (the ears) stand erect when on the alert.
the dog's tail was wagging and her ears were pricked
I felt a prick of pain at my throat, and even in this hazy state, I comprehended that Fraust had only nicked me.
I know my brother wouldn't do that, he isn't some prick who would just use and abuse you.
I feel the prick of the pin against my skin and wonder where my friends and family would be in another time.
He muttered under his breath as she was lost from sight and turned as a sharp prick was felt on his neck.
She applied a little pressure for a moment, sure it wouldn't bleed much more since it was only a little prick , then looked up at Alex.
the pin prick had produced a drop of blood
I felt a prick of anxiety, but that was nothing compared to what I usually felt.
It may or may not prick someone's conscience to cause them to come forward, even if it's just a passenger.
Grab a branch of a young acacia tree crawling with appropriately named thornbugs and you just might utter an ‘ouch’ at the sharp prick .
Instantly there was a needle prick of pain, but it dulled and Angel lost feeling in her foot.