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pricey / дорогой
имя прилагательное
expensive, dear, costly, darling, precious, pricey
имя прилагательное
boutiques selling pricey clothes
We had been told the pub was expensive - but it wasn't unduly pricey .
As always, the performances run the gamut from pricey indoor shows to the multitude of free shows outdoors.
Anyone who's been in the market for organic food knows that keeping the pantry stocked can be a pretty pricey affair.
Considering the total amount of food consumed, this was on the pricey side.
As with the Jazz Fest, there's both pricey indoor shows and free outdoor concerts.
Prosecutors are either too timid or outgunned by the platoons of pricey defense lawyers.
The monkfish tempura had a depth of flavour that is often missing from the pricey fillets on the fishmonger's slab.
Such perfect bounty, grown with agrichemicals and pesticides, is notoriously pricey .
Some homeowners have even traded down from more expensive abodes to less pricey dwellings.
We need to return to vigorously fighting the development of this pricey boondoggle.