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prey / добыча, жертва
имя существительное
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, output
sacrifice, victim, offering, prey, casualty, oblation
hunt, prey, chase, shoot, prey on, prey upon
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, prey
worry, rankle, maul, drag, prey, gnaw
имя существительное
an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food.
the kestrel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey
hunt and kill for food.
small birds that prey on insect pests
As more visitors come to centres like Newry, unfortunately so too do criminals on the lookout for easy prey .
If we kept you on, the employee who had cost us so much, we would look like a laughing stock, and we'd also be easy prey for rival businesses.
These hordes of hungry insects will prey on many destructive garden bugs.
the kestrel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey
Vulnerability, habitat selection, or other variables may affect where predators kill prey .
People who prey on elderly women ought to be locked up forever.
Three Cumbrian building societies have joined forces to combat cruel fraudsters who prey on the elderly and vulnerable.
The enzymes and toxins in scorpion venom are used by the arachnid to paralyse its prey and digest its food.
To take advantage of the hopeless is truly despicable, but to prey on the helpless, whether directly or indirectly, is criminal.
As much as I am appalled at what cats do to defenceless animals, I could never be cruel to them, even when they invade my garden to prey on the birds that drop in for food and water.