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previously / предварительно, заранее
preliminarily, previously, anticipatorily
in advance, beforehand, previously, in good time, anticipatorily
at a previous or earlier time; before.
museums and art galleries that had previously been open to the public
You spoke previously about feeling yourself answerable to certain figures of the past.
She had been burgled before and had previously challenged at least one of her intruders.
Their results confirm the suspicion that it is a previously unknown coronavirus.
This already proved the world much older than had previously had been thought.
In fact, she was a former bankrupt who had previously been charged with insurance fraud.
they discovered a previously unknown gene
She said she was planning a holiday before starting a year of previously arranged study leave.
He had moved to New York about 3 months previously to do something with his film career.
It has happened before, of course, and previously even involved the teams in the top tier.
Windows has no memory of what was previously on screen before it was redrawn.