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previous / предыдущий, предшествующий, преждевременный
имя прилагательное
previous, early, antecedent
previous, prior, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, anterior
premature, early, untimely, precocious, anticipatory, previous
имя прилагательное
existing or occurring before in time or order.
she looked tired after her exertions of the previous evening
overly hasty in acting or in drawing a conclusion.
I admit I may have been a bit previous
the previous generation
The previous owner built a spaceship in the garden, which might not appeal to everyone.
look at the previous page
It later emerged it had already been used and returned by a previous owner and then sold again to the Galls.
To my surprise, it showed that the item had been delivered at 6pm the previous evening.
you're a bit previous
he was sick in the previous few days
In contrast to the previous evening the pleasures of the flesh were much in evidence.
Ouch - that woozy Sunday feeling when you've had a very late one the previous evening.
a list of previous winners