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Транскрипция и произношение слова "preview" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

preview / предварительный просмотр, анонс, предварительное рассмотрение
имя существительное
предварительный просмотр
announcement, preview, advertisement, notice
предварительное рассмотрение
предварительно просматривать
имя существительное
an inspection or viewing of something before it is bought or becomes generally known and available.
you can get a sneak preview of the pictures on sale
display (a product, movie, play, etc.) before it officially goes on sale or opens to the public.
the company will preview an enhanced version of its database
there was a small reception after the preview
If it is just an ordinary movie, all you do is just a preview and the review.
They preview the upcoming films, trying to drum up excitement and anticipation.
Every time I do an early preview / review on a new distribution I know I'm going to miss a lot.
the preview shows a scene not included in the actual film
The Roberts Hearings Are Set to Begin: The Washington Post's preview is here.
I've been listening to some fantastic new music from my favourite songwriter, a sneak preview of his new album, and so that has brightened my mood considerably.
Most members of the audience who saw a special preview of the film in Kochi on Tuesday came out of Sreedhar Theatre with the satisfaction of having seen a serious film.
Also, the print preview shows headers, like the page title and URL, which do not appear when the pages are printed.
It is free for you to submit an ad for a roommate and to preview room listings but the contact information for any available rooms WILL cost you.