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preventive / превентивный, профилактический, предупредительный
имя прилагательное
preventive, preventative, preclusive, preventable
prophylactic, preventive, preventative, preventable
warning, preventive, attentive, preventative, precautionary, preventable
имя существительное
профилактическое средство
prophylactic, preventive
предупредительная мера
preventive measure, preventive
имя прилагательное
designed to keep something undesirable such as illness, harm, or accidents from occurring.
preventive medicine
имя существительное
a medicine or other treatment designed to stop disease or ill health from occurring.
But don't expect that to stop drug companies from hyping their cholesterol lowering products as preventives for breast cancer.
Now the cheapest drug in the pharmacy appears to be gaining ground as a major cancer preventive .
The one area of food writing that remained substantially the same was that concerned with books addressing diet as preventive .
One dose can often bring instant relief, and you can take these herbs every day as a preventive .
For a period of time, a lot of people took this as theoretically a heart disease preventive .
There are some important preventive measures that can be done to avoid a recurrent stroke.
Since you have already been tested, ask your neurologist about preventive medication.
Once errors are recognised their causes must be analysed so that preventive measures can be applied.
In fact, to be most effective, feverfew should be used on a regular basis as a preventive .
Of course a wedding is no guarantee one won't leave in the future, but it can be a preventive .
Health authorities initiated preventive measures to prevent infectious diseases, if any.