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prevention / предотвращение, предупреждение, предохранение
имя существительное
prevention, preclusion, obviation, debarment
warning, prevention, notice, caution, notification, admonition
prevention, preservation
имя существительное
the action of stopping something from happening or arising.
crime prevention
Benefits advice, help with language skills, and accident prevention is also offered.
She said that it was up to the community to take a greater role in crime prevention .
The NHS was criticised for not making the treatment and prevention of obesity a top priority.
They urge linking with education departments on decay prevention in schools.
Regular eyelid hygiene is the most important part of treatment and prevention of blepharitis.
Money raised will go towards research into prevention , treatment and cure of heart disease.
One study did not report outcomes separately for treatment and prevention and so we included all women.
He said police would be working in the community this month to highlight issues such as crime prevention .
He too believes the money would be better spent on prevention of disease.
The money is used for pioneering research into cancer to improve prevention and treatment and to find a cure.