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preventer / предохранитель, предохранительный трос
имя существительное
fuse, preventer, protector, safety catch, cutout, safeguard
предохранительный трос
имя существительное
a person or thing that prevents something.
effective as preventers of further infection
PolyShield regular graffiti preventer forms an invisible barrier on interior and exterior surfaces that acts as a shield to prevent the absorption of vandalistic harm into the substrate.
Stretching does not live up to its reputation as an injury preventer , a study has found.
a power-surge preventer
It was quite a dramatic moment… quite frightening… and then the blow-out preventer was shut in, and it calmed down.
On the other hand, birth control pills are an effective preventer of pregnancy, which is in turn a powerful risk factor for thrombosis.
Preventive war rests on the premise that the preventer has accurate and reliable knowledge about the evil enemy's capabilities and intentions.
Here again, the only way to remain weed free is to apply a weed preventer .
Make sure to install a drain and backflow preventer .
Children began taking more reliever medication on average 1 day before increasing preventer , although there was sporadic extra reliever use 4-6 days earlier.
No lawn means there's no lawn mower, no bags of crabgrass preventer or grub control.