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prevent / предотвращать, препятствовать, предупреждать
prevent, avert, preclude, stave off
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, hamper
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, forestall
keep (something) from happening or arising.
action must be taken to prevent further accidents
(of God) go before (someone) with spiritual guidance and help.
The abiding Spirit prevents a humanistic, rationalistic understanding of truth.
To compound matters he was unable to prevent the club from being relegated last season.
It may involve going to Pearson Airport to try to prevent a deportation from happening.
Each is a tragedy, and it is right to seek solutions to why it happened, and to try to prevent them happening again.
Anything that can prevent a tragedy from happening should be carefully adhered to.
to prevent sb from doing sth
locks won't prevent a determined burglar from getting in
action must be taken to prevent further accidents
Unable to prevent the sliding, the authorities had no choice but to abandon the project.
Several neighbours rushed to help the Brownes but they were unable to prevent the men escaping.
And he made an impassioned plea for changes to be made to prevent a similar tragedy happening again.