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prevalent / распространенный, преобладающий, превалирующий
имя прилагательное
common, spread, prevalent, extended, accepted, diffuse
prevailing, predominant, predominate, prevalent, dominant, preponderant
prevailing, prevalent
имя прилагательное
widespread in a particular area at a particular time.
the social ills prevalent in society today
Such intrusions are becoming more prevalent in society because of the advance of technology.
Scraps of food and paper were evident in in the lane and a strong fishy odour was prevalent in the area.
When not targeting suspected burglars' homes, the squad patrols areas where thefts are prevalent .
Usually, caregiving is taken up as part of the informal set up of the family that is prevalent in society.
Hip fractures are also more prevalent in areas with fluoridated water.
Divorce is far more prevalent today, ending nearly half of all marriages compared to little more than a quarter back then.
Among this group smoking is less prevalent than in the general population.
Pilots have spoken of the dangerous winds prevalent in the area where the friends were last heard from.
It has two corollaries that challenge conceptions prevalent in some societies and ideologies.
Of course, the homophobia prevalent in the general population is the reason why the latents remain latents.