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prevail / преобладать, превалировать, возобладать
prevail, predominate, dominate, preponderate
prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.
it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion
The better team should prevail over the course of several plays, so overtime is the way to go.
You will have domestic worries and an unsettled atmosphere will prevail at home.
But they warned that if no rain falls within the next two months, a crisis might prevail in the area.
What is to be gained by letting egos prevail over common sense?
Abraham tries to prevail over God in the merit of having brought monotheism to the world.
We can hope that change for the good will ultimately prevail over change for the bad.
The president was determined that the goal of winning the war prevail over all else.
Punjab reorganised their game on resumption and managed to prevail over their rivals.
Does it make sense to say that the rights of A to depasture his or her cattle shall prevail over the rights of B?
Its name derives from romance, the literary form in which desires and dreams prevail over everyday realities.