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pretty / довольно, достаточно, вполне
quite, rather, pretty, fairly, enough, reasonably
enough, sufficiently, fairly, adequately, reasonably, pretty
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, pretty
имя прилагательное
pretty, comely, dolly, pin-up
charming, lovely, pretty, adorable, delectable, exquisite
good, well, nice, pretty, fine, satisfactory
имя существительное
хорошенькая вещица
bauble, trinket, knick-knack, trifle, bijou, pretty
имя прилагательное
attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.
a pretty little girl with an engaging grin
to a moderately high degree; fairly.
he looked pretty fit for his age
make pretty or attractive.
she'll be all prettied up and ready to go in an hour
имя существительное
an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory.
he buys her lots of pretties—bangles and rings and things
People always look at pretty women as not very smart, so you have to do double to prove them wrong.
He really did think that she was pretty and would be beautiful if she dressed up a bit.
The government plans to make students pay more for their education, but the price tag for a degree is already pretty hefty.
Met a really nice and pretty girl on the train home tonight, a student at Portsmouth Uni studying marketing.
Yes, I think, if you are out in the country in England you can get some pretty bad food.
The guy gave in; he couldn't say no to that pretty girl in the nice dress.
Good thing it's nice outside and there are pretty girls walking past.
The game began and for thirty minutes it wasn't a pretty affair by any stretch of the imagination.
I think probably what was dangerous about him was that he was a frustrated poet and really a pretty bad psychiatrist.
It is a good vintage and the prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to the 2000.