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prettify / украшать, принаряжать
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, prettify
dandify, prettify, smarten
make (someone or something) appear superficially pretty or attractive.
nothing has been done to prettify the site
nothing has been done to prettify the site
There is no bid to prettify the objective of wanting to smash your opponents.
He tries to rehabilitate himself in today's column: ‘Don't prettify our history.’
There's a tendency sometimes to paper over the emotional cracks, to smooth the corners and prettify them, to paint over the distressed finish… and that's a big mistake.
A potent feminine signifier, bustles exaggerate and prettify the rear without offering a conspicuous come-on.
nothing has been done to prettify the site
And finally, all cultures, I suspect, idealize and prettify some forms of sin.
Even the politicians didn't prettify the situation.
At the same time, he doesn't prettify the conditions for the people who live there.…
This time around, the government has once again sought to prettify the figures.