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pretentious / притязательный, много о себе возомнивший, показной
имя прилагательное
много о себе возомнивший
ostentatious, flashy, specious, showy, ostensible, pretentious
имя прилагательное
attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
a pretentious literary device
What critic, or prince, could resist something so impressive and so pretentious ?
It's pleasingly literary without being pretentious ; plot is in no way sacrificed to prose.
Enough of this pseudo-intellectual posturing, these pretentious literary musings!
The film itself sounds like a pretentious waste of time, although it could be rather pretty.
To say that the music is overblown and pretentious is rather an understatement.
Towards the other wives and their children she was always extremely imperious, haughty and pretentious .
Some thought her pretentious , of which there are many greater crimes.
Of course a lot of what he said was pretentious rubbish but that is normal for art critics.
If it looks or sounds pretentious , then that is what it will be accused of.
Apparently, the language used by wine writers is too flowery and pretentious .