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pretension / претензия, притязание, претенциозность
имя существительное
claim, pretension, pretense, bid, beef, pretence
claim, pretension, assertion
pretentiousness, pretension, pretense, flatulence, shoddy, chichi
имя существительное
a claim or the assertion of a claim to something.
their pretensions to culture
the use of affectation to impress; ostentatiousness.
he spoke simply, without pretension
apply tension to (an object) before some other process or event.
the safety system pretensions the seat belts
Without such a justification, is there a danger of having the work dismissed as pretension or posturing or, at worse, accused of naiveté?
His trust in us was so refreshing and his attitude so free of pretension that I now regret not doing his ironing.
The question of noble pretension to property, privilege, and power thus emerges as the underlying problem of the old order.
Volunteers, on the other hand, are obviously not doing this in the name of any kind of mulish pretension : they simply love the music and feel driven to play it.
The men talk about him resentfully, sick of his haughty attitude and pretension .
It is rare to see such unusual gifts of public speaking accompanied by such a complete lack of arrogance or pretension .
When she is there with you, she is simply there, with no pretension , no elaboration, no show.
His formula starts with the best parts of country house hotel cooking - well-sourced raw ingredients and capably prepared, stripped of any pomposity or pretension .
Its very simplicity serves as a correction to the elaborate artifice and pretension - most of it hollow - that pervade current dance-making.
He was totally without ostentation or pretension and totally disinterested in wealth, honours or managerial power.