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pretender / претендент, самозванец, притворщик
имя существительное
applicant, challenger, contender, pretender, claimant, aspirant
impostor, pretender, impersonator, intruder
pretender, dissembler, simulant, sham, feigner, dissimulator
имя существительное
a person who claims or aspires to a title or position.
the pretender to the throne
the pretender to the throne
With this he would regain his freedom from enslavement to the wicked Asurimus, to that pretender to godhood.
Some have been too fat, too bulky, too clunky, or too inaccurate to be a successful pretender to the throne.
The pretender to the throne left the country before the police could question him about the incident.
The head of the family and pretender to the throne, Otto von Habsburg, was also promised Muerzsteg Castle, which is today the summer seat of the Austrian head of state.
The movie is convicted of being an unworthy pretender to the throne.
It was Don King's first major promotion and set the then 32 year old Ali, against the younger pretender to his throne, George Foreman, seven years younger at 25.
With a week remaining in the schedule, all but four of the league's teams were within two games of first place - and not one of them was a pretender to the throne.
She becomes a pretender to the place of the hero.
Charles's three sisters had married into the royal families of Bavaria, Austria, and France, and each had a son who was a pretender to the Spanish throne.