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pretence / притворство, претензия, отговорка
имя существительное
pretense, hypocrisy, sham, dissimulation, affectation, act
claim, pretension, pretense, bid, beef, pretence
excuse, pretense, subterfuge, pretext, evasion, alibi
имя существительное
an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.
his anger is masked by a pretense that all is well
a claim, especially a false or ambitious one.
he was quick to disclaim any pretense to superiority
It means that we let go of posturing and pretence and live simply as we are, in truth, at ease with ourselves and with others, not having to worry about who's up or who's down, who's in or who's out.
This utterly engaging and thoroughly likeable book masquerades under the pretence of being a search for ‘the perfect meal’.
He scares me and I release my gaze and move over to the mirror with the pretence of adjusting my appearance.
Thus he dismissed as insubstantial any pretence to an absolute form of knowledge, which seeks to soar above the resistant medium of experience.
There's no self-glorification and no hard-sell behind London's brightest young things, no pomp and no pretence .
He had circled around to come to the village by the south, on the pretence of making it appear that he was headed for Kaye.
In this regard, the menace of bio-terrorism can be seen as usefully clarifying, since it eliminates all pretence to political legitimacy and announces itself starkly as a planetary scourge.
‘I once told a massager he had magic hands, that was embarrassing,’ I blurted, without thought to set up the background of my story or pretence .
Finding the enclosures is made more difficult by the sixty odd additions made since the opening, none of which makes any pretence to architectural merit.
However, in those circumstances, the whole scheme would be a sham and a pretence .