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presupposition / предпосылка, предположение
имя существительное
premise, background, prerequisite, precondition, presupposition, premiss
assumption, hypothesis, supposition, guess, speculation, presupposition
имя существительное
a thing tacitly assumed beforehand at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action.
images that challenge presuppositions about feminine handiwork
Negative constructions have an overdetermined role with respect to presupposition .
I have taken that presupposition for granted for forty years.
I am here reading ‘supposition’ as Austen's thematic version of presupposition , since the latter remains a linguistically specific term.
The analysis that follows from this presupposition identifies three tiers of the world economy: core, periphery, and semiperiphery.
Thus, compound negatives do not merely echo this thematized activity and its attendant dilemmas; instead, they create and undo presupposition .
His comment stresses the most important presupposition about the activity of spectators: spectating creates and reinforces our social, political, and even bodily place in the world.
The disjunction that has been caused derives from presupposition alone, assisted by Henry, its agent.
However, it is by no means necessary to a theory of evolution that it embodies any presupposition of increasing or decreasing complexity.
And, a third embedded presupposition was that the client could place herself on such a scale.
Russell, on the other hand, makes no distinction between assertion and presupposition .