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pressure / давление, напряжение, напор
имя существительное
pressure, stress, tension, push, squeeze, enforcement
voltage, tension, strain, stress, straining, pressure
pressure, thrust, push, rush, fall, inrush
имя существительное
the continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it.
the slight extra pressure he applied to her hand
the use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something.
the proposals put pressure on Britain to drop its demand
attempt to persuade or coerce (someone) into doing something.
it might now be possible to pressure him into resigning
The pressure would overwhelm the resources of any city.
It is well known that population explosion mounts enormous pressure on environment and resources.
This scissoring of the bones causes extra pressure to be forced upon the Carpal Tunnel.
In both cases, maximum available pressure was demanded and used in order to alter the domestic laws of other countries.
But many didn't arrive on Saturday and angry parents say the delay has piled on pressure at an already stressful time.
But it took much in the way of arm-twisting and political pressure to get them to agree to the trip.
In my dictionary it is violence used to put pressure on a government or society.
In some cases, parents may come under intolerable pressure and stress, which leads to them harm their own children.
backbenchers put pressure on the government to provide safeguards
The first is that advertising piles deliberate pressure on parents with the pester power of the child.