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press-up / отжимание на руках
имя существительное
отжимание на руках
press-up, push-up
His terrifying frame is his own work, built with stomach exercises and thousands of one-handed press-ups .
People think that our programme consists of doing press-ups and playing games.
At present I do ten press-ups every other day, and jog round the block twice a week.
Even when a stroke laid him low, he was doing sit-ups and press-ups by his hospital bed.
He does no sport other than cycling; no gym work, no sit-ups or press-ups , no running or swimming.
Not much of that time is spent in the pool, mostly I am in the gym doing sit-ups and press-ups .
You don't do any exercise except those few press-ups each morning.
Follow your aerobic exercise with ten minutes of squats, press-ups , sit-ups and back extensions for a quick all-over basic workout.
When not on the bar, we practice drills on the ground, as well as doing exercises to build up essential muscles, such as sit-ups, press-ups and tricep push-ups.
I lift weights six or seven times a week, do cardio exercise and practise press-ups non-stop for half an hour.