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press / пресс, пресса, печать
имя существительное
press, masher, mill, squeezer
press, fourth estate
printing, print, seal, stamp, press, cachet
press, push, depress, screw, cinch
press, crush, squeeze, tread, oppress, squash
press, reap, harvest, cut, pinch, mow
имя существительное
a device for applying pressure to something in order to flatten or shape it or to extract juice or oil.
a flower press
a printing press.
Windows are added at street level so that passers-by can watch the press and printmakers at work.
newspapers or journalists viewed collectively.
the press was notified
an act of pressing something.
the system summons medical help at the press of a button
a large cupboard.
The fitted kitchen/breakfast room features a number of built-in presses , worktops and cupboards and plenty of food preparation space.
move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.
he pressed his face to the glass
apply pressure to (something) to flatten, shape, or smooth it, typically by ironing.
she pressed her nicest blouse
forcefully put forward (an opinion, claim, or course of action).
Rose did not press the point
put (someone or something) to a specified use, especially as a temporary or makeshift measure.
many of these stones have been pressed into service as gateposts
There have been innumerable letters and articles in the press and extensive media coverage, generally ill informed.
Put on the top half of the bread, press gently and eat immediately with a bottle of very cold beer.
Perform the exercise as you normally would, except press the weight up as fast as you can and release the bar from your hands at the top.
There was also a cricket writer during the last England tour who gave us bad press in the London Daily Telegraph.
However Peter Nicholson moved up to press Stirling all the way to the flag, with Higgins taking third ahead of Andy Thompson and Pat Boal.
The machine press that was found on the premises was locally made and police believe it could be one of a handful in the country.
press gently to accelerate
Rather than hearing the made up journalistic accounts in the press you can make your own mind up.
We also have over 50 client-load machines that can be moved into the STP at the press of a key.
Before their fiscal year ends, this month, they plan to shop for a new computer and a press for their assembly shop.