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president / президент, председатель, ректор
имя существительное
chairman, chairperson, president, chair, prolocutor
rector, president, provost, warden
имя существительное
the elected head of a republican state.
the Irish president
the celebrant at a Eucharist.
The old typology understands the president at the Eucharist not in terms of a bare symbolism, but in terms of a symbolic realism.
It was important, the president and the clergyman said, that they hear from a representative woman.
If something occurs that they don't like, they're apt to dial the university president directly.
It's hard to be interested in winning when your organization - from the president down to the manager - isn't.
The council endorsed the policy, which was enacted by the university president .
the Irish president
There will be a democratically elected president , with a cabinet, and a Prime Minister to oversee the cabinet.
Samuel Pepys was the son of a London tailor and a president of the Royal Society.
The report sees the president at the Eucharist as representing both the Body and the Head of the Church.
For the second time in less than eight months, the Simon Fraser Student Society has lost its president .
he's the honorary president of the company